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  • 2007 : No new litters nor shows in the future. We all needed a long pause...the whole family is doing well
  • We dedicate the last Pleiade litter to Sybille Becher, veterinary Doctor, who left us abruptly.
    A nice person who leaves behind a profound emptyness feeling and her immense love for cats.
  • On September 5, we had the pleasure to welcome home Ms Martine Bernier, journalist, and Mr. Eric Bernier, photographer. Next Fall there will be an article in the "Terre et Nature" magazine...more when we will know the publishing date.

  • Névé is BEST Russian Blue in Sweden 2004 Photographer Eric Bernier
  • NEVE and ISKRA are International Champion (Lyon, 10 april 2005)
    See Pictures and results
  • Being written, a page for every kitten born at home... 17.04.2005 Pictures of Maen!

Next litters / New Born

  • ATTEN TION : Iskra and Pleiade are now neutered. Neve does give a little bit of his time to cover selected females, but not much. All forecoming kitten from these matings will therefore be placed by their respective catteries.

    September 9 : Pleiade gave birth to two males and two females! Watch the litter news...

    Iskra gave birth on August 23rd! One male and two females.
    As always it has been a deep emotion shared with our lovely pussycat. Watch the litter news...

    Surprise picture : Amtaro, our dog, here when he was still a baby guess which breed he is!!

Our next exhibitions

- No new show planned

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