KANDALAKCHA cattery is a small family breeding of Russian blue cats. We (Thierry and Anne) live in the same space, in an appartment with our five cats (out of which 2 are home cats). We cannot stay away from our little "fur balls", who sleep on our bed, occupy the sofa and accompany us on any of our short week-end holidays or vacations.

We live 1 km away from the shore of Léman lake, in a charming place visited by a lot of tourists. When the weather is nice, we can admire the lake as well as the Mont-Blanc from our big secured balcony.

Our cattery appeared 4 years ago, in July 2000. At that time we lived with one single Russian Blue cat, our first Russian Blue, Pléiade des trois Ginkgo, born in March 1999.

Iskra is our second russian blue. Then, in April 2004 Limelight's Névé has joined us to become the idol of these two ladies.

At the origin of this adventure stands Thierry who has dreamt from the very childhood to live with a Russian Blue cat. But then, the birth of our cattery dates back to a love story with our little cat, Pléiade. Then we had the will to make the russian blue breed well-known and especially to share with you the pleasure of living with a blue russian cat.

The first litter in our cattery were born on Dember 23rd, 2000! First litter, first emotions...

We had 4 litters so far and placed 16 kittens. Each of our kitties doesn't give birth more than once a year.

Pléiade gave birth to 4 males in 2000, 2 males and 2 females in 2001, 3 males and 2 females in 2002.
Iskra, on her turn, gave birth to 3 males in 2003.

For the last 4 years we have taken part in numerous feline exhibitions in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, and in Monaco.

And "why?" we guess you'd ask yourselves we chose such a name as "KANDALAKCHA" for our cattery?

The gulf and the city of Kandalakcha is located in the North of Russia, neighbouring the city of Archangelsk, from where the russian blue cats come. That is the reason for this name so intricate and difficult to pronounce...

But take your time, you'll get used easily!